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VCE Exam Simulator

The only licensed desktop solution for VCE practice exams


VCE Player for Mac

VCE Software version for Mac.


VCE Mobile

Mobile version, available for tablets and smartphones running on Android and iOS

Understanding VCE Test Engine, and How to Benefit From VCE Software

VCE files become more and more in demand when it comes to interactive learning, especially exam preparation. Created and used with VCE Exam Simulator software, these files bring users into the world of interactive practice exams, becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

VCE Files

VCE stands for Visual Certification Exam. This is a file format that stores information as an interactive exam, which can be taken with VCE Player software. This is a popular tool for certification exam preparation.

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The VCE Difference

Compared with traditional learning methods, VCE technology provides much more dynamic learning environment. VCE files can be easily shared, so they provide learners with access to the latest information.

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VCE Software

VCE Software is sold exclusively by Avanset, the company who had originally developed it. Avanset updates the software regularly to provide users with the best learning experience.

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Take a look. Here's what a VCE exam question looks like when opened in VCE Player:


The question above came from an IT certification exam dump, and is highly likely to still be given on some IT certification exams. Many users prepare for these exams by using VCE software.

But it's not only IT exam candidates who use VCE test engine and exam dumps. In fact, the possibilities and potential of the VCE technology has already surpassed IT industry, and VCEs are now used in many other fields. Tap here to find out more on how VCE software and files can be used.

VCE Technology at a Glance

As mentioned above, VCE technology is based on the VCE test engine that creates an interactive environment so learners can practice for computer-based exams. The exam questions and answers put in the interactive format compatible with VCE software are saved in the vce file format. VCE files are created, edited and opened by VCE Exam Simulator Software, available in 2 versions.

VCE Exam Dumps

You have probably heard about VCE exam dumps, or dumps. These are certification exam files saved in the vce format. More often than not, they contain real questions that come from actual exams (leaked either by individuals who took the exam, or by the staff at testing centers, computer science professors etc). VCE dumps are often hosted and shared online, so users can get easy access to the latest certification exam questions.

This website was created with the mission to provide users with clear and detailed information on how VCE software and files work, and how users can benefit from the. We have no interest in selling VCE software, so you can trust this information to be objective and unbiased.

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